What Is Explainable AI? How Does It Affect Your Job? ⬛

From Hacker Noon

Don’t believe the SkyNet hype. Good overview of narrow vs. super intelligence in AI. Narrow intelligence is what we see most of now (AlphaGo, Siri, autopilot). Super Intelligence is the good at everything one, but is (probably) a long ways off. What we’re really scared of with AI (or what probably drives a lot of the fear mongering) is the mystery of what current AI systems do. You put in your data, run it in the AI black box, and get an answer, without any idea why that answer is right. Explainable AI is the concept of adding a model and interface to the system that would explain how the AI came to a certain conclusion.

Takeaway: Explainable AI provides context to the answers that are currently generated in a black box. This mystery is what drives many of the current fears around AI.