Explaining AI to Mom πŸ‘΅

Fear mongering and buzzword-y overuse/loosey-goosey usage have been hurting AI’s appeal with the broader population. Are there terrifying possibilities? Yes (I’m terrified of the implications of Deep Fakes).

But guaranteeing dystopia is a disservice. It plays to the reptilian brain while we’re trying to recreate the higher level brain in silicon. 🦎

I agree with Bryan:

Our thriving depends upon our co-evolution with AI (see my latest post) and making the journey symbiotic rather than competitive.

The differences in “thought” and “strategically unprecedented moves” arrived at by AI aren’t to be feared but respected, and embraced. Let’s be honest, human’s don’t have the best track record. Maybe mixing it up a bit will help a bit; can’t hurt, can it?

AI offers an entire universe of expansive moves and strategies that are as yet undiscovered by our human intelligence!



Src: Future Literacy