Deepfakes: An Overview 📽

Real talk, Deepfakes terrify me. 🙀

The implications of fake video that looks real to the human eye has “dystopian sci-fi” written all over it. If you thought the last election was a circus, wait until the first Deepfakes election. 🎪

A few outcomes that come to mind:

  1. Political mudslinging reaches its zenith and societal upheaval follows in its wake as no one knows who or what they can trust and our partisan rhetoric devolves even further.
  2. Famous people (actors were the first to pop into my head) can license their likeness, visually and audibly, and make money from acting without ever being on set as their licensed lookalike is projected onto another actor’s performance.
  3. Those VR pop stars will be taken to another level.
  4. Hollywood doubles down on their “don’t try anything new, it’s only sequels or reboots” strategy with new performances by deceased actors (music industry has been doing this forever) and cheaply cranking out even more.

This post is a great overview on the topic, but I noticed a glaring oversight in the tech section. It doesn’t matter if methods to catch these advance enough to be useful if they catch them after they go viral. A retraction/correction to a fake news item almost never gets the same reach as the fake item itself. I believe we see video as the last bastion of truth in media because we don’t have a lot of examples of convincing fake footage, either manufactured or edited. That’s about to change.

Src: Jensen Price on Medium