Alexa, Update 🖲

Tech Fest season continues! Amazon announced some cool updates to Alexa via blog and conference appearance. 🎊

These updates will make interacting with Alexa feel more like interacting with a human. Not because she (it?) is getting and smarter necessarily, but because the interface is improving. Amazon is continuing to put the customer experience at the forefront, which is why they are taking over. 🌎

As these updates rollout, Alexas in the US will soon be able to automatically search, activate, and use skills based on queries you ask, answering your question without you having to deal with the infrastructure to make it happen. The devices will have an enhanced ability to understand context, moving beyond needing pronouns to follow the conversation (this is the most human-imitative of the updates). Finally, she’ll get a better memory, not sure if there is a specific purpose to this or it’s just so Amazon can understand you better and Alexa can become an augmented brain for users. 🧠