The Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet. ✊ No Word on if it will be Televised. 📺

Michael does a great job breaking down the difference between the meaning of AI and what is currently being billed as AI (mostly ML). And setting the stage for what could be if AI became one avenue to explore. 🔮

let us conceive broadly of a discipline of “Intelligent Infrastructure” (II), whereby a web of computation, data and physical entities exists that makes human environments more supportive, interesting and safe.

I wholeheartedly agree with his sentiments about focusing on “human-imitative AI” being insufficient at best and distracting at worst. I’ll say it again, this desire to recreate human thinking in silicon seems more driven by ego than by utility. Think about it, would you want self-driving cars to imitate humans? 😱

We need to realize that the current public dialog on AI — which focuses on a narrow subset of industry and a narrow subset of academia — risks blinding us to the challenges and opportunities that are presented by the full scope of AI, IA and II.

If you’re interested in AI, I would say this is a must read. 👍👍

Src: Michael I. Jordan on Medium