Listen Up 🔊: Industrial Grade AI

A great listen on the practical uses of deep learning in industrial settings, and probably not in the way you think. The guest works for a Fortune 200 energy company. 🔋

I mentioned that I don’t think we’re in the midst of a true AI bubble like some have suggested, and this episode provides some examples for why I think that. If a major energy company has found a way to incorporate this technology into rather mundane tasks that won’t grab headlines but are serving them well, then clearly this is going to be used and useful. 🎥

The example that’s lodged in my head as something really useful and unsexy is using computer vision to monitor whether or not people are wearing the proper safety gear. ⛑

Yeah, it may not grab headlines or pay ridiculous salaries, but it’ll be incorporated into the business landscape, which isn’t so bad in the end. 👌