BurgerBot 🍔

This video from TechCrunch is a really cool glimpse of one the many possible AI futures. Not because they built a robot with some AI capabilities to make you an obsessively engineered burger all by itself, but because of the business model Alex, the creator and owner of Creator, lays out at the end. 💱

This is an example of how automated systems can improve people’s jobs and work experience instead of replacing them and causing a jobpocalypse. Remember, centaurs are the future. 🔮

What I’m most interested in is whether or not this model can scale. I’m sure plenty of people will say that this model will never work and the economics don’t make sense and it’ll be a niche player and not a global behemoth. But why not? Ultimately we dictate what the future can be, so it’s just a matter of working towards what we want versus what we fear. 💫

Src: TechCrunch