AIs are Teaming Up 🎮

The OpenAI Five have beaten a team of amateur Dota 2 players (a strategy videogame). So? The 5 are a team of AI algorithms. And a name that brings to mind old hip-hop group names. 🎤

This is an important and novel direction for AI, since algorithms typically operate independently.

While I can already imagine the “SkyNet is Coming!” headlines that could result from this news, I’m generally pretty stoked about it. Not gonna lie, the idea of AIs teaming up to create super AIs is a bit terrifying, but that is only one potential outcome. Also feel it’s important to note that the OpenAI Five don’t directly communicate with each other, everything appears to be coordinated through game play. So no new machine languages to decode and translate, which is nice. 😅

Some of the benefits that could come from this:

  • Enhanced human-machine team work as the AIs are better adapted to cooperation with other agents 👥
  • Using different algorithm types in tandem to reduce reliance on deep learning models and expanding the scope of what’s possible 🥚🥚🥚
  • Potential for distributed AI not via one algorithm spread around BitTorrent style, but by distributed algorithms collaborating in different configurations (this one plays in to my vision of a future where we all have personal AIs) 🌐
  • Help reduce implicit bias by utilizing multiple algorithms 👐

The big one is the potential this has for centaurs. And centaurs are the future. 🔮

Src: MIT Tech Review