Size Matters, Let’s Get Tiny πŸ”¬

I was already excited about the potential or pairing machine learning and all kinds of devices, but this post from Pete has me even more excited. πŸ˜†

If you think about it, a lot of Internet of Things devices are pretty dumb. Dumb in that they aren’t very smart, not that they are a dumb product idea. Though there are some of those too. Machine learning can make these devices smart, and who knows what other devices could become possible. Pete has come pretty cool ideas. πŸ’­

The quick “why” is: machine learning can be done on a CPU and use very little energy, this means that not a lot of electricity is required to power a microcontroller running a CPU-based deep learning model. Most of the current AI/ML focus is on the big stuff running on crazy compute clusters, but smart, tiny, cheap devices could be more revolutionary. At least in the short run. ✊

You can also watch his corresponding talk at the recent CogX conference. ▢️

Src: Pete Warden’s Blog