Space Race Entry: South Korea 🇰🇷

South Korea is officially in the AI Space Race. In fairness, this recent announcement is actually a major expansion of a previous plan, so they aren’t a brand new entry. 🎟️

How Much? 💰: ₩2.2 trillion (US$2 billion)

By When? 📅: 2022

What’re the goals? 🥅:

  • Be a Top 4 country
  • Close the gap with China
  • 6 new AI research institutes
  • Develop 1,370 AI talents including 350 key researchers
  • Grant 4,500 scholarships
  • Generate 600 talents via boot camp style initiative to kick start progress
  • New drug development and medical services

What’re the focus areas? 🔬:

  • Human Resources
  • Technology
  • Infrastructure

Getting Chipy 🍪: They also ear marked ₩1 trillion (US$1 billion) for semiconductor and chip development. Everyone wants a piece of the chip pie.

Src: Synced