Demand a Recount: DeepFake Edition 🗳

I’m not the only person worried about the potential impact of Deepfakes on politics (not that I claimed to be or thought I was). Apparently there is a Twitter wager about when a DeepFake political video will hit 2 million views before getting debunked. 🐦

I had mostly been thinking about the potential of these tools to be used like social media ads were in the last election. That is, until I read this quote. 👇

I think people who are just kind of having fun are, in aggregate, more dangerous than individual bad actors.

The pool of people that would use these just for fun to cause confusion and mayhem is a lot larger than the pool of people looking to use them specifically for political instability or influence. And the true danger is in the viewers seeing and believing it because very few will likely see or care about it being unveiled as fake. 🚫

Deepfake videos could exploit modern societies split by partisanship into echo chambers where information—authentic or not—tends to reinforce preexisting beliefs.