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AI Replacing Animals πŸπŸ€

An algorithm has been developed for testing chemical compound toxicity that has, so far, been as accurate as animal testing. This could be huge for pharma R&D and any other industry that relies on animal testing. It should make the process faster and easier and should make animal rights supporters happy, basically it should be a win all around. πŸ™Œ

This algorithm is also an example of how AIs don’t replace human intelligence but augment it. This model is a different form of intelligence. Humans can’t perform the same level of analysis to this problem that the algorithm has. The human “intelligence” approach is to rub something on a rat and wait to see what happens. That machine approach is to look at all the prior test results, find patterns that might be invisible to us, and predict what effect this new compound is likely to have. And it does this rapidly and safely. Cue up the battle cry, centaurs FTW! 🀘

Src: Quartz

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