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Networked Autonomous Driving πŸŒπŸš™

Austin is doing something really cool, testing out autonomous vehicle alert boxes at select intersections. Why am I excited about this? 🚦

The boxes can feed information to autonomous vehicles, telling them when a light is about to turn red, that someone just ran a red light, that pedestrians are presentΒ and other data the cars need to make safe maneuvers.

I think the true value of autonomous vehicles will be realized when we can create a transportation mesh network, with all parts communicating with one another. It could also radically change the layout and look of cities and roads as visual cues like signs and lights would become largely unnecessary. ❌

These boxes could also be useful with augmented cars, sending signals to vehicles that can stop themselves and the like. The more cars that know a light is about to turn red or a pedestrian in the road means the safer the roads can hopefully become. 🀞


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