You Get A Custom Chip! And You Get A Custom Chip! 🎁

As expected, Tesla is one of the newest companies to announce they’re getting into the AI chip game. Wait, what? 🤯

Yup, Elon is doing Elon things and building custom chips built to spec specifically for Tesla’s neural network architectures to drive their vehicles. 🏎

It’s really not that crazy when you think about it. They get more control over the car’s brain and it’s not like they’ll be selling them. As tweets in the article point out, it’s basically what Apple did when they started making their own A series chips. 🍏

Really the coolest part about this is that these new chips/computers are supposed to be able to replace all existing Tesla computers. So instead of having to buy a new super expensive car to get the shiny bells and whistles (like all other tech devices and cars) you just get your hands on the new brain and swap them out. This might be the most modular a car has ever been. 🔀

Src: TechCrunch