Statistics for Machine Learning: Day 2

Time for Day 2 of Machine Learning Mastery’s 7 day course on Statistics for Machine Learning. The assignment? List three methods that can be used for each descriptive and inferential statistics. 3️⃣✖️2️⃣

Let’s start with descriptive; or, “methods for summarizing raw observations into information that we can understand and share”

  1. Mean – an oldie but goodie. Thinking through examples from my day job: average time on page, average order amount, etc.
  2. Standard deviation – the one that was hammered into me in college stats and econometrics.
  3. Modality – this makes me think of gradient descent and the local vs. global maximum search.

Now on to inferential statistics; or, “methods that aid in quantifying properties of the domain or population from a smaller set of obtained observations called a sample”.

  1. t-test
  2. Chi-square – I was to say I used these first two in various econ courses.
  3. Linear regression – mmmmmm that ML goodness.