Chips Are Special Again 🤗

Remember the last time you agonized over choosing which CPU to get in your new computer? Yeah, I thought so. Maybe you put some thought about which number came after the “i”, but that was about it. We haven’t had to think a lot about computing chips lately, but that’s changing. 🔀

The chip continuum

Deep learning and crypto has caused a chip gold rush. Nvidia has blown up thanks to their GPUs being the tool of choice for machine learning. Crypto has already moved beyond the GPU stage and is firmly in ASICs. Bitmain, a maker of mining ASICs, is primed to have one of the richest tech IPOs ever. 💰

The chip market is going to be really interesting as start ups try to carve out a slice of the market and new chips and architectures are created for all kinds of specialized purposes. Buckle up, this is gonna be fun. 🎢

Src: VentureBeat