Ageless Voice 📣

One of the reasons I’m really excited by voice tech is because I think it’s one of the most accessible forms of computing we’ve had in a long time, maybe ever. 🦕

Now a study has been done that backs up my hunch. The newest edition of the Digital Future Report found that:

  • 60%+ of Americans under 16 use digital assistants 👧
  • 31% of 65+ use them 🧓
  • 27% of 75+ use them 👵

That’s a pretty good percentage of older users for a tech that’s still nascent. Imagine what those breakdowns could be when when we advance to a higher level of digital assistant. 🤯

I believe this high use rate, especially in a demographic we usually don’t associate with tech adoption, is because voice tech is built around a basic aspect of being a creature (in many cases): communication. 🗣

Src: USC Annenberg