Centaur Q+A 🚲

I really like how this Steve Job quote illustrates the centaur concept. βž•

Steve Jobs once called the computer a bicycle for the mind. Note the metaphor of a bicycle, instead of a something like a car β€” a bicycle lets you go faster than the human body ever can, and yet, unlike the car, the bicycle is human-powered. (Also, the bicycle is healthier for you.) The strength of metal, with a human at its heart. A collaboration β€” a centaur.

Human + machine is better than either individually. And weak combos with good processes are better than strong combos with bad processes. So the glue is the key. Amplifying the strengths of both and minimizing the weaknesses. βš–οΈ

So how do we divide the work? πŸ€”

AIs are best at choosing answers. Humans are best at choosing questions.

The key concept for the future of AI, IA, and centaurs is symbiosis, because: 🀝

Symbiosis shows us you can have fruitful collaborations even if you have different skills, or different goals, or are even different species. Symbiosis shows us that the world often isn’t zero-sum

Src: MIT