Smart Toasters 🍞

First off, I love Janelle’s blog AI Weirdness. Do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s hilarious. 😂

Second, I agree with her belief that the future of AI is a bunch of specialized systems, not mechanical humans. Or, toasters not C3PO. 👾

We don’t (currently) have any models that generalize well. To my knowledge, no one is close on this either. Even transfer learning destroys the previous ability. 💥

Could this all change? Of course, predicting the future of tech is essentially sci-fi. We’ve shown a pretty bad ability to truly predict what is possible or what the future will look like. But I think planning for a future of AI toasters is a much better bet than waiting for iRobot to walk through your door and make everything magic. 🔮

Src: Aeon

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