The Unbias 3000 πŸ€–

Accenture has developed and is rolling out, in beta, a tool to help uncover bias in algorithms. Man, I hope this works. πŸ™

I am really interested to know more about how their Fairness Tool works. My guess is it basically runs another training set through the algorithm that is labeled in such a way that the outputs can be measured on scales that probably aren’t coded in or anticipated. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

For some reason I was really skeptical this tool would work at all when I first started reading, but I think that was due to a tech bias. Assuming any non-tech giant couldn’t possibly crack this nut. Which is another reason I want this to work. We need diversity not only in our data sets and results, but in the players working in the field and developing solutions of all kinds. πŸ‘

β€œI sometimes jokingly say that my goal in my job is to make the term β€˜responsible AI’ redundant. It needs to be how we create artificial intelligence.”

Src: Fast Company