Facebook Can Read Photos 🖼️


Big Blue has rolled out a tool called Rosetta that can scan photos for text, extract the text it finds, and then “understand” that text. 👁️‍🗨️

This is huge as it means the platform can now increase accessibility by reading photos, it can pull out information from photos of menus and street signs, and it can monitor memes and images for destructive written content. And those are just a few examples I’m sure. ♾️

Personally, I’m interested to see how this impacts Facebook’s text content in ad image guidelines. It used to reject any ad that contained more than 20% text based on image size (but used a weird grid-based measuring system). Then it moved to an approach where the more text your image contain the narrower it’s delivery/reach. Facebook’s reason was always that “users preferred images with little to no text”, but I always figured it was more about their inability to automate filtering for content. Users don’t appear to have any issues with text overlays when it comes to organic content. 🖼️

Their post has a bunch of technical details if you want to nerd out. 🤓

Src: Facebook