That’s Instructor AI, Cadet

The Air Force is embracing AI to mix up their training process, and could be inventing the future of all education while they’re at it. 🎓

The overall objective is to move away from an “industrial age” training model with pre-set timetables and instruction plans to one that adapts to each airman’s learning pace.

Hmmmmm….what else follows an industrial model? 🤔🎒🚌🏫

Among other benefits, they appear to show that artificial intelligence “coaches” are highly effective at gathering data from the process of training any particular pilot, and then refocusing that process on exactly the areas in which the student needs the most help.

This is really, really cool. Personalized training could be here and if it works for pilots of multi-million dollar aircraft it should be able to work in most other fields no problem. 🍰

Src: Federal News Radio