Could Machines Save Our Humanity? 🤖♥️👤

The typical fear is that technology is eroding our ability to interact with other humans and generally turning humanity into a race to the bottom. Judging by social media, I can’t say that fear is misplaced. But is it the only possibility? 🤔

I am intrigued by this notion that voice assistants could help us “recover” from the effects of screened supercomputers in our pockets by making us think differently about how we phrase our inquiries and, potentially, increasing our patience as we interact with a developing technology. (And yes, I totally get the fear that being able to command non-human voice assistants could degrade manners, but it’s not an inherent aspect of the tech. That’s on us humans.) Maybe all our brains needed to rebound was to interact with technology like we’ve interacted with living creatures for centuries. 🗣️

Src: Manual Vonau