Deepfake Detector πŸ”¦

Detecting deepfakes is a problem garnering a lot of interest and effort in an ever upward-ratcheting race between the fakers and the breakers. A new approach being taken by at least two startups is to verify and record an image or video at the moment of creation to benchmark future versions against. πŸ“Έ

This is probably the best method to truly thwart fakes since they can check on a price level for modifications compared to the original versus trying to spot signs of alteration in the image or video in questions. The latter method is always a footrace between the two competing interests for better methods, the former is a matter of widespread adoption. 🌎🌍🌏

Now that’s not to say that adoption is a trivial hurdle, but it’s a one-time hurdle. They key will be getting this kind of tech baked in to the devices, platforms, and apps we are already using instead of requiring people to add more to their home screens and habits. A problem and solution readily voiced by the current companies operating in this field. I’m very interested to see how this approach progresses and hope it can become the standard of our digital camera era. 🀞

Src: MIT Tech Review