Listen Up : Digital Immortality ♾️

What do you do if you and your loved one want to be together forever? You work on recreating yourselves as robot clones that aren’t subject to these finicky flesh bags we call bodies. This podcast doesn’t focus on the tech end of this story, but it includes some interesting interactions with and overviews of the work. 🤖

I have been curious about what the future will look like as realistic voice technologies continue to improve since they could conceivably be trained on someone’s social media body of work. Can we create digital twins of ourselves with which we can converse? Will we free ourselves from death not through life extension but through self digitization? Will we consider these digital clones to be a version of us, a human analog? 🤔

Src: This Is Love podcast

Pair with the LifeAfter podcast, a sci-fi story based on people being able to interact with deceased loved ones through the social media history they left behind.

Just a quick note, I am not anti-death. I don’t long for a radically increased life span. I worry about what impact “freeing ourselves from mortality” would have on our humanity and life in general.