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Google Wages War on Gender

Ok, not really. But I can imagine that being a headline of some inflammatory “news” article. πŸ—žοΈ They’re working to remove implicit, societal gender bias from machine translations in Google Translate by changing the underlying architecture of the machine learning model they use. Basically, the model now produces a masculine and feminine version and then determines which is most likely … Read More

They’re Making a List, And Checking it Lots πŸ“‡

Oh yay, China is exporting its panopticon. 🀐 First up? Venezuela. The land of oil, soaring inflation, an imploding economy, and a leader that’s super into overt political intimidation. πŸ”¨ It can’t be that bad, right? 🀷 β€œWhat we saw in China changed everything,” said the member of the Venezuelan delegation, technical advisor Anthony Daquin. His initial amazement, he said, … Read More

Listen Up : Digital Immortality ♾️

What do you do if you and your loved one want to be together forever? You work on recreating yourselves as robot clones that aren’t subject to these finicky flesh bags we call bodies. This podcast doesn’t focus on the tech end of this story, but it includes some interesting interactions with and overviews of the work. πŸ€– I have … Read More

How Many Words Is This Dataset Worth? 🀯

Google recently released version 4 of the Open Images dataset and it’s quite large. We’re talking a nine followed by six zeroes large and all are labeled and content is boxed and labeled. Happy training! πŸ“¦ Src: Google

Do The Digital Worm πŸ›

Step 1: recreate the brain of the C. elegans worm as a neural network 🧠 Step 2: ask it to park a car πŸš— Researchers digitized the worm brain, the only fully mapped brain we have, with a 12 neuron network. The goal of this exercise was to create a neural network that humans can understand and parse since the … Read More

Deepfake Detector πŸ”¦

Detecting deepfakes is a problem garnering a lot of interest and effort in an ever upward-ratcheting race between the fakers and the breakers. A new approach being taken by at least two startups is to verify and record an image or video at the moment of creation to benchmark future versions against. πŸ“Έ This is probably the best method to … Read More

Ghosts as Ethical Proxies πŸ‘»

Proof that the data used to train systems can impact the ethical fallout of their performance. And potentially the beginning of us getting a look under-the-hood at these still mysterious systems. I am interested to see how this approach will be applied to non-toy scenarios. πŸ“‘ Src: Fast Company

Hey, Who’s Driving that Trolley? πŸš‹

It is interesting to think about how cultural differences will impact reactions to some AI decisions and could make it difficult to scale a product with localizing it. πŸ€” A study by the MIT Media Lab has collects global input on variations of the classic ethical dilemma thought experiment, the trolley problem, and found interesting distinctions between cultures. This could … Read More

The Autonomous Vehicle Economy

I’ve been toying with the economic consequences of the impending autonomous vehicle revolution for a while now and this recent IKEA thought exercise got me thinking about it again. πŸ” For now, a brain dump in bullet point format. Maybe I’ll expand on/gussy up these thoughts in the future. 🀷 Drie-thrus will die and be reborn. Fast food restaurants will … Read More

Could Machines Save Our Humanity? πŸ€–β™₯οΈπŸ‘€

The typical fear is that technology is eroding our ability to interact with other humans and generally turning humanity into a race to the bottom. Judging by social media, I can’t say that fear is misplaced. But is it the only possibility? πŸ€” I am intrigued by this notion that voice assistants could help us “recover” from the effects of … Read More