Facebook has open sourced their PyTorch based Natural Language Processing modeling framework. According to them it: πŸ‘‡

blurs the boundaries between experimentation and large-scale deployment.

Looking forward to trying this out. πŸ€“

Src: Facebook

ELMo Really Does Know His Words πŸ‘Ή

I’m super interested in the world of NLP (natural language processing), so the news that performance increased dramatically with ELMo piqued my interest. πŸ’‘

The biggest benefit in my eyes is that this method doesn’t require labeled data, which means the world of written word is our oyster. 🐚

Yeah, yeah, word embeddings don’t require labeled data either. ELMo can also learn word meanings at a higher level, which I think means it will have far more impact and a wider range of applications. πŸ“Ά

ELMo, for example, improves on word embeddings by incorporating more context, looking at language on a scale of sentences rather than words.

Our cuddly, red muppet still picks up the biases we embed in our writings though. So plenty more work to be done. πŸ› 

Src: Wired