Learnings & Musings on AI, ML, Data Science & Python

The Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet. ✊ No Word on if it will be Televised. 📺

Michael does a great job breaking down the difference between the meaning of AI and what is currently being billed as AI (mostly ML). And setting the stage for what could be if AI became one avenue to explore. 🔮 let us conceive broadly of a discipline of “Intelligent Infrastructure” (II), whereby a web of computation, data and physical entities … Read More

AI Coming to the Mobile Masses 📲

Applepalooza 2018 is happening now! (a.k.a. WWDC) This year’s focus is software from what I hear, and they went right for the trendy trend by announcing a new AI/ML platform that will allow easy rollout for developers in the App Store. 🍏 Called Create ML, it will allow devs to easily add machine learning capabilities to their apps using Apple’s … Read More

This Computer is Super 💻💪

One supercomputer to rule them all! (For now) Oak Ridge Lab in the US has unveiled it’s new supercomputer, Summit, and takes the crown for most powerful computer in the world, claiming the title from China. 👑🇺🇸 How powerful is it? everyone on earth would have to do a calculation every second of every day for 305 days to crunch … Read More

Bees are Zen, Care about Nothing 🐝

Bees have officially reached stage 3 of 4 in understanding the concept of zero. 🎉 Beginning to understand how bees learn and understand things, and potential transfer learning throughout the hive, could be really interesting for AI. I’ve been curious why we’re so focused on recreating human thought in machines, especially when we still seem to understand so little about … Read More

Accenture Goes to Ethicsville

Accenture has entered the bias-beating ring, they’ll be formally announcing their fairness tool this week. I’m glad to see a growing surge of focus on algorithmic bias and how to avoid it. Are any of these tools silver bullets? No. But acknowledging the problem and seeking to solve even small portions of it is a wonderful first step. 🗺 It’s … Read More

What’s Your Rorschach?

My general line of thinking towards the fear mongering around Artificial General Intelligence was that it was ratcheting up fear of the unknown at the expense of much more pressing things. Like algorithmic bias, weaponized advertising and social media, and humans in general. Open a newspaper, do we really need to worry about the potential future of Terminator becoming real … Read More

New from Google: AI Ethics ⚖️

Google has released a new set of ethics for AI applications, likely in response to the PR disaster that was their partnership with the DoD (and seriously, is that patch for real?). But that doesn’t mean their new principles are bad, they look good to me. Be socially beneficial Avoid creating or reinforcing unfair bias Be built and tested for … Read More

Listen Up 🔊: Programming It Is a-Changin’

Interesting vision of the future of programming, and one that feels very in line with AI. This episode feels like a companion piece to the podcast episode I shared in the last Listen Up post. Programming will move away from if-then (which ML engineering does) and start to be more about interacting with and interpreting data. Though provoking discussion of … Read More

Listen Up 🔊: When AI Meets Experts 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬

Great episode of the TWIML+AI podcast on the use of AI in niches with significant domain expertise. The go-to example was creating new types of glass, like Gorilla Glass. Fields where AI can find novel solutions or expedite the R&D process while the human experts weigh in on what’s possible or has already been done. Especially love this quote from … Read More

How General is this Intelligence? 🤔

This post is a great crash course in where we are with AI, how we got here, and what the future of Artificial General Intelligence looks like. 🔮 I generally think we’re a ways off. There are some really impressive examples of AI (like the standard AlphaGo and AlphaZero examples), but they also implode if the parameters of the task … Read More