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How Many Words Is This Dataset Worth? 🤯

Google recently released version 4 of the Open Images dataset and it’s quite large. We’re talking a nine followed by six zeroes large and all are labeled and content is boxed and labeled. Happy training! 📦 Src: Google

Do The Digital Worm 🐛

Step 1: recreate the brain of the C. elegans worm as a neural network 🧠 Step 2: ask it to park a car 🚗 Researchers digitized the worm brain, the only fully mapped brain we have, with a 12 neuron network. The goal of this exercise was to create a neural network that humans can understand and parse since the … Read More

Deepfake Detector 🔦

Detecting deepfakes is a problem garnering a lot of interest and effort in an ever upward-ratcheting race between the fakers and the breakers. A new approach being taken by at least two startups is to verify and record an image or video at the moment of creation to benchmark future versions against. 📸 This is probably the best method to … Read More

Ghosts as Ethical Proxies 👻

Proof that the data used to train systems can impact the ethical fallout of their performance. And potentially the beginning of us getting a look under-the-hood at these still mysterious systems. I am interested to see how this approach will be applied to non-toy scenarios. 📡 Src: Fast Company

Hey, Who’s Driving that Trolley? 🚋

It is interesting to think about how cultural differences will impact reactions to some AI decisions and could make it difficult to scale a product with localizing it. 🤔 A study by the MIT Media Lab has collects global input on variations of the classic ethical dilemma thought experiment, the trolley problem, and found interesting distinctions between cultures. This could … Read More

The Autonomous Vehicle Economy

I’ve been toying with the economic consequences of the impending autonomous vehicle revolution for a while now and this recent IKEA thought exercise got me thinking about it again. 🔁 For now, a brain dump in bullet point format. Maybe I’ll expand on/gussy up these thoughts in the future. 🤷 Drie-thrus will die and be reborn. Fast food restaurants will … Read More

Could Machines Save Our Humanity? 🤖♥️👤

The typical fear is that technology is eroding our ability to interact with other humans and generally turning humanity into a race to the bottom. Judging by social media, I can’t say that fear is misplaced. But is it the only possibility? 🤔 I am intrigued by this notion that voice assistants could help us “recover” from the effects of … Read More

The Spy Who Doctored You 👩‍⚕️

So many mixed emotions on this bit of news. Place a device in your small apartment/home and let it monitor your health via electromagnetic disturbances, even through walls. 😨 On one hand, it’s really cool to think of the positive impacts this could have. Uncovering trends, monitoring habits, divorcing the data collection from the feebleness of human memory to put … Read More

Your Phone, Your Clone? 📱

Essential Products is working on a phone that is largely controlled by voice commands and has an AI built in that is supposed to become a digital version of you in order to respond to messages for you. 💬 I think this sort of functionality and interaction is a big part of the future, but why a phone? 🤔 Why … Read More

Fast.DataSets 🔣 and AWS have teamed up to make some of the most popular deep learning datasets “available in a single place, using standard formats, on reliable and fast infrastructure.” Woo! 🙌 MNIST, CIFAR, IMDb, Wikitext, and more! Check ‘em out. Src: