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Artificially Wartelligent πŸ’£

Surprising no one, the Pentagon wants more of that AI goodness in its weaponry. They want it about $2 billion worth of bad. πŸ’° But, having AI be able to explain its decision making appear to be vitally important, which is nice to see. It sounds like plenty of people are uneasy with the idea of robots doing what they … Read More

Penny For Your Bot Thoughts πŸ’­

A team at MIT has developed a network that can show its work, basically outputting the “thought” process that lead to a “decision”. πŸ‘·β€β™€οΈ My understanding is that TbD-net is an uber-network containing multiple “mini” neural nets, one interprets a question then a series of image rec networks tackle a sub task and pass it down the line. Each image … Read More

The Unbias 3000 πŸ€–

Accenture has developed and is rolling out, in beta, a tool to help uncover bias in algorithms. Man, I hope this works. πŸ™ I am really interested to know more about how their Fairness Tool works. My guess is it basically runs another training set through the algorithm that is labeled in such a way that the outputs can be … Read More

The Bot Economy πŸ’΅

A recent issue of the Inside AI newsletter included the prediction that eventually we will sell things to AIs. The inflection point is said to be when population growth levels off and capitalism foresees its downfall and doom. πŸ“‰ First, I think modern capitalism’s growth requirement is a bug, not a feature. Focusing on growth and appeasing shareholders can lead … Read More

Centaur Q+A 🚲

I really like how this Steve Job quote illustrates the centaur concept. βž• Steve Jobs once called the computer a bicycle for the mind. Note the metaphor of a bicycle, instead of a something like a car β€” a bicycle lets you go faster than the human body ever can, and yet, unlike the car, the bicycle is human-powered. (Also, … Read More

Smart Toasters 🍞

First off, I love Janelle’s blog AI Weirdness. Do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s hilarious. πŸ˜‚ Second, I agree with her belief that the future of AI is a bunch of specialized systems, not mechanical humans. Or, toasters not C3PO. πŸ‘Ύ We don’t (currently) have any models that generalize well. To my knowledge, no one is close … Read More

Ageless Voice πŸ“£

One of the reasons I’m really excited by voice tech is because I think it’s one of the most accessible forms of computing we’ve had in a long time, maybe ever. πŸ¦• Now a study has been done that backs up my hunch. The newest edition of the Digital Future Report found that: 60%+ of Americans under 16 use digital … Read More

The 5 Stages of Chatbots πŸ“Ά

I’m bullish on AI assistants so I enjoyed this roadmap of their development. We are currently in stage 2 with some companies successfully entering stage 3 in well defined cases. πŸ”œ Notification Assistants a.k.a. the wave of dumb chatbots that sent you notifications you could have gotten from an app πŸ“― FAQ Assistants – you are here πŸ“Alexa, Hey Google, … Read More

(Compute) Size Doesn’t Matter πŸ“ was recently part of a team that set some new speed benchmarks on the ImageNet image recognition data set. Why is this noteworthy? Because they did it on an AWS instance that cost $40 total. πŸ… We entered this competition because we wanted to show that you don’t have to have huge resources to be at the cutting edge … Read More

Saving the Fish 🐠

ATLAN Space is doing some awesome work in the conservation space. They’re rolling out a pilot project in the Seychelles using AI-powered drones. πŸ›Έ The drones will: Determine what type of vessel a boat is Determine whether the boat is in a protected marine area Determine if it is an authorized fishing vessel If the vessel hits the illegal jackpot … Read More