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DARPA Gets Chipy πŸ›‘οΈ

Looks like tech companies aren’t the only ones getting in on the chip game. DARPA is adding its muscle to the sector in an effort to make sure hardware development and innovation doesn’t get overlooked or minimized. πŸ’ͺ What are they focusing on? πŸ€” Using ML to automate and expedite development time, and having the tools accessible to n00bs. 🏭 … Read More

Robot Children πŸ€–

This doesn’t need a lot of prologue, what this guy said: πŸ‘‡ Instead of preparing students for a future jobs market dominated by Artificial Intelligence, the Government’s focus on rote learning and primary school tests is stifling the very traits that robots find hardest to replicate: creativity, empathy, the ability to work as a team. β€” Tom Brake MP (@thomasbrake) … Read More

Facial Rec Tech Mess 😟

This article is short but meaty. Synopsis: a lot of people are concerned about the current state of facial recognition and what it could mean for the future. I’m going to use the same headings as the MIT post and offer my random thoughts. πŸ’­ The questioners: The call for regulation and safeguards around facial recognition has been sounded. It … Read More

Chips Meet Edge 🀝

The edge is gonna be big, so it’s no surprise that the tech giants are racing to combine AI and edge. Google is the first of the non-chip makers I’m aware of bringing their new hardware to edge devices. So you’ll soon be able to build IoT and other small devices that harness the power of TensorFlow without needing a … Read More

ML = 10 Year Olds πŸ‘¦πŸ‘§

I take issue when people seem to think that AI is only AI if it resembles what we’ve been shown in movies. I actually unsubscribed from a podcast when one of the hosts said that none of what is currently being touted as AI counts because it’s essentially not AGI or super AI. #petty πŸ˜’ That being said, I think … Read More

AI Vineyards 🍷

A really cool look at how machine learning is being used by Australian vineyards to predict seasonal yield and monitor their crops throughout the year. πŸ‡ The big takeaway: 🀯 This proves how technology allows a 45-hectare land to be surveyed in 15 minutes and have the data ready a day later. I wonder if systems like this could lead … Read More

The Arms Race Begins πŸ”«

China is developing autonomous AI-powered attack submarines. So this should be fun. Here are a couple totally not terrifying things about them. πŸ™ “The AI has no soul. It is perfect for this kind of job,” said Lin Yang, Chief Scientist on the project. β€œ[An AI sub] can be instructed to take down a nuclear-powered submarine or other high-value targets. … Read More

Sput-who? πŸ›°

The Center for a New American Security thinks the US needs a plan when it comes to AI, and I can’t say I disagree. We certainly wouldn’t be the first to do so. 🌎🌍🌏 The United States may very well be in a new space race, but unlike China, the United States has not yet experienced a true β€œSputnik moment” … Read More

Networked Autonomous Driving πŸŒπŸš™

Austin is doing something really cool, testing out autonomous vehicle alert boxes at select intersections. Why am I excited about this? 🚦 The boxes can feed information to autonomous vehicles, telling them when a light is about to turn red, that someone just ran a red light, that pedestrians are presentΒ and other data the cars need to make safe maneuvers. … Read More

The Deciding Tree 🌳

This is a really great description of decision trees with some lovely visuals. It also continues a good overview of overfitting. πŸ‘Œ Decision trees might not seem as sexy as other algorithmic approaches, but it’s hard to argue with the results. It also strikes me how similar this process seems to the way humans approach a lot of experience-based decision … Read More