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Facebook has open sourced their PyTorch based Natural Language Processing modeling framework. According to them it: 👇 blurs the boundaries between experimentation and large-scale deployment. Looking forward to trying this out. 🤓 Src: Facebook

How Many Words Is This Dataset Worth? 🤯

Google recently released version 4 of the Open Images dataset and it’s quite large. We’re talking a nine followed by six zeroes large and all are labeled and content is boxed and labeled. Happy training! 📦 Src: Google

Do The Digital Worm 🐛

Step 1: recreate the brain of the C. elegans worm as a neural network 🧠 Step 2: ask it to park a car 🚗 Researchers digitized the worm brain, the only fully mapped brain we have, with a 12 neuron network. The goal of this exercise was to create a neural network that humans can understand and parse since the … Read More

Fast.DataSets 🔣 and AWS have teamed up to make some of the most popular deep learning datasets “available in a single place, using standard formats, on reliable and fast infrastructure.” Woo! 🙌 MNIST, CIFAR, IMDb, Wikitext, and more! Check ‘em out. Src:

A Brief History of AI: A Timeline 🗓

1943: groundwork for artificial neural networks laid in a paper by Warren Sturgis McCulloch and Walter Pitts, “A Logical Calculus of the Ideas Immanent in Nervous Activity“. 📃 [1] 1950: Alan Turing publishes the Computing Machinery and Intelligent paper which, amongst other things, establishes the Turing Test 📝 [6] 1951: Marvin Minsky and Dean Edmonds design the first neural net … Read More

DeepFakes Get More Realistic 😖

Remember back when I said I was terrified about deepfakes? Well, it’s not getting any better. 😟 Apparently researchers at Carnegie Mellon and Facebook’s Reality Lab decided there is nothing to worry about and the method for making them needed to be better. So they give us Recycle-GAN. ♻️ We introduce a data-driven approach for unsupervised video retargeting that translates … Read More

ELMo Really Does Know His Words 👹

I’m super interested in the world of NLP (natural language processing), so the news that performance increased dramatically with ELMo piqued my interest. 💡 The biggest benefit in my eyes is that this method doesn’t require labeled data, which means the world of written word is our oyster. 🐚 Yeah, yeah, word embeddings don’t require labeled data either. ELMo can … Read More

Penny For Your Bot Thoughts 💭

A team at MIT has developed a network that can show its work, basically outputting the “thought” process that lead to a “decision”. 👷‍♀️ My understanding is that TbD-net is an uber-network containing multiple “mini” neural nets, one interprets a question then a series of image rec networks tackle a sub task and pass it down the line. Each image … Read More

Unbiased Faces 👶🏻👩🏽👴🏿

IBM will be releasing a data set of faces across all ethnicities, genders, and ages to both avoid bias in future facial recognition systems and test existing systems for bias. Simply put, this is awesome. 🙌 It’s also interesting to see how ethics, fairness, and openness are being used as positive differentiators by major competitors in this new tech race. … Read More

AIs are Teaming Up 🎮

The OpenAI Five have beaten a team of amateur Dota 2 players (a strategy videogame). So? The 5 are a team of AI algorithms. And a name that brings to mind old hip-hop group names. 🎤 This is an important and novel direction for AI, since algorithms typically operate independently. While I can already imagine the “SkyNet is Coming!” headlines … Read More