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Facebook has open sourced their PyTorch based Natural Language Processing modeling framework. According to them it: 👇 blurs the boundaries between experimentation and large-scale deployment. Looking forward to trying this out. 🤓 Src: Facebook

DeepFakes Get More Realistic 😖

Remember back when I said I was terrified about deepfakes? Well, it’s not getting any better. 😟 Apparently researchers at Carnegie Mellon and Facebook’s Reality Lab decided there is nothing to worry about and the method for making them needed to be better. So they give us Recycle-GAN. ♻️ We introduce a data-driven approach for unsupervised video retargeting that translates … Read More

Facebook Can Read Photos 🖼️

Big Blue has rolled out a tool called Rosetta that can scan photos for text, extract the text it finds, and then “understand” that text. 👁️‍🗨️ This is huge as it means the platform can now increase accessibility by reading photos, it can pull out information from photos of menus and street signs, and it can monitor memes and images … Read More

Facebook Spreads the Chips Around 💫

It appears that Facebook is forgoing developing their own chips in favor of partnering with multiple top chip makers to add in their Glow machine learning accelerator. 🏎 It’ll be interesting to compare this approach to the other tech players looking to make their own. But this play makes sense. It follows Big Blue’s approach with prior software, doesn’t split … Read More

The Big 4 vs. The World 🌎

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that there is a much higher demand for AI talent than there is supply. No surprise, but the answer for a lot of firms appears to be buying AI startups to help infuse talent. 💸 Even less of a surprise, Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon are leading the way when it comes to quantity of … Read More

Facebook Chips in on Live Video

I’m starting to get obsessed with watching who is making a chip for what AI purpose these days. Facebook has announced they’re designing a chip to help with analysis and filtering of live-streaming video. Why? Two reasons: To minimize reliance on outside suppliers (here’s looking at you Intel) To avoid the embarrassing mistake of letting someone livestream their suicide or … Read More