Learnings & Musings on AI, ML, Data Science & Python

Listen Up : Digital Immortality ♾️

What do you do if you and your loved one want to be together forever? You work on recreating yourselves as robot clones that aren’t subject to these finicky flesh bags we call bodies. This podcast doesn’t focus on the tech end of this story, but it includes some interesting interactions with and overviews of the work. πŸ€– I have … Read More

When People Do Bad Things With Algorithms 😈

There is a lot of concern surrounding decisions made by algorithms and bias baked into said systems, but that is far from the only concern. These podcast episodes do a tremendous job illustrating what happens when people use neutral data for the wrong things. When the reason for the data becomes perverted. At the end of the day AI systems … Read More

Listen Up πŸ”Š: Industrial Grade AI

A great listen on the practical uses of deep learning in industrial settings, and probably not in the way you think. The guest works for a Fortune 200 energy company. πŸ”‹ I mentioned that I don’t think we’re in the midst of a true AI bubble like some have suggested, and this episode provides some examples for why I think … Read More

Listen Up πŸ”Š: Digital Evolution

This episode of Software Engineering Daily is a great listen on the topic of digital evolution, or, the process of allowing algorithms to grow and evolve. πŸ¦– This field leads to a lot of funny results but there is an important lesson to that, and is probably my favorite moment of the show. We humans are really bad at stating … Read More

Listen Up πŸ”Š: Programming It Is a-Changin’

Interesting vision of the future of programming, and one that feels very in line with AI. This episode feels like a companion piece to the podcast episode I shared in the last Listen Up post. Programming will move away from if-then (which ML engineering does) and start to be more about interacting with and interpreting data. Though provoking discussion of … Read More

Listen Up πŸ”Š: When AI Meets Experts πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬

Great episode of the TWIML+AI podcast on the use of AI in niches with significant domain expertise. The go-to example was creating new types of glass, like Gorilla Glass. Fields where AI can find novel solutions or expedite the R&D process while the human experts weigh in on what’s possible or has already been done. Especially love this quote from … Read More