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The Autonomous Vehicle Economy

I’ve been toying with the economic consequences of the impending autonomous vehicle revolution for a while now and this recent IKEA thought exercise got me thinking about it again. πŸ” For now, a brain dump in bullet point format. Maybe I’ll expand on/gussy up these thoughts in the future. 🀷 Drie-thrus will die and be reborn. Fast food restaurants will … Read More

AI Could Create A Defense Dark Horse 🐎

A lot of focus is placed on the US-China AI space race (guilty), but the nature of AI could make for a surprise victor. Or at least a leveling of the playing field. 🚜 There is a risk that the United States, like many leading powers in the past, could take an excessively cautious approach to the adoption of AI … Read More

Will Robots Understand Value? πŸ’Ή

A while back I wrote about how I didn’t think robots would become the new consumers in capitalism. Turns out I’m not the only one.Β πŸ‘¬ This piece scratches my economics itch in a lot of ways, but I think the heart of it is the fact that we typically believe the economy/market/capitalism operates like a rational machine and not an … Read More

China’s Social Submission, er…Scoring System

There is a lot of focus on the China vs. USA space race happening in AI right now (at least in my world there is, I’m very interested in the topic). Most of it revolves around spending, governmental support, talent, etc. But maybe the most important aspect is what the implications of either country winning would be, if there truly … Read More

Joey Stigz on AI πŸ€–

If you’re interested in the societal and economic implications of AI, this article is worth a read. A few points that stuck out to me: πŸ‘‡ AI can be hugely beneficial, but right now it’s not trending in that direction Tech companies shouldn’t be in charge of regulating themselves, which means decision makers need to educate themselves People are starting … Read More

The Bot Economy πŸ’΅

A recent issue of the Inside AI newsletter included the prediction that eventually we will sell things to AIs. The inflection point is said to be when population growth levels off and capitalism foresees its downfall and doom. πŸ“‰ First, I think modern capitalism’s growth requirement is a bug, not a feature. Focusing on growth and appeasing shareholders can lead … Read More

Smart Toasters 🍞

First off, I love Janelle’s blog AI Weirdness. Do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s hilarious. πŸ˜‚ Second, I agree with her belief that the future of AI is a bunch of specialized systems, not mechanical humans. Or, toasters not C3PO. πŸ‘Ύ We don’t (currently) have any models that generalize well. To my knowledge, no one is close … Read More

Sayonara Screens πŸ‘‹

This article lays out a vision of the future I both think is likely and look forward too. Well designed, powerful AI voice assistants could open up a new realm of ambient computing reducing our reliance on screens and making tech more human-centric. We’ve evolved to be social creatures accustomed to interacting via spoken words, not by tapping on a … Read More

The AI Space Race πŸ›°

I’m very interested in how the AI boom will unfold on the international stage. It has all the makings of the next space race or arms race and more countries throw their hat in the ring every day. πŸš€ This post from Ian Hogarth is a great overview of what is “at stake”. I use quotes for that because it … Read More

Osonde Osoba on AI πŸŽ™

I find myself agreeing with a lot of what this guy says. Confirmation bias FTW! πŸ™Œ Here are some quotes that represent what really spoke to me. πŸ—£ Artificial intelligence is a way of understanding what it means to be human beings. We need to think about AI in terms of value alignmentβ€”I think that’s a better framework than, say, … Read More